Collectables 2016

The 2016 SDYC has something NEW for our crawlers!

Stitch Marker Madness

LYS stitch markers

When you visit any 2016 participating location, you will be greeted with a warm smile, a heartfelt hello, and that store/alpaca farm stitch marker. Collect them all and you will have a collections that looks something like this. But wait there is more!

Visit all locations in a particular region and collect that regions Swarovski crystal stitch marker. Keep going and make it all the way around the county and get your 2016 San Diego Yarn Crawl emerald color Swarovski crystal stitch marker. All the details are on your 2016 passport which is required to accompany you on your tour. These gifts are available while supplies last but don’t worry we should have more than enough for everyone.

Royal Swarovski Crystal

North County Region locations:

  • Black Sheep
  • Common Threads
  • Yarning for You
  • Yarnover Truck



Mint Swarovski Crystal
Mint Swarovski Crystal

South County Region locations:

  • Needlecraft Cottage
  • A Simpler Time-Alpacas & Mill
  • Yarn & Thread Expressions
  • Yarns at Border Leather



Sky Swarovski Crystal

East County Region locations:

  • Alpacas of San Diego
  • Kat’s Yarn & Craft Cottage
  • Ramona Country Yarn Store
  • La Dolce Vita Alpaca Farm



Emerald color Swarovski Crystal

All San Diego Yarn Crawl locations

After visiting all the locations on the crawl you will receive this beautiful emerald color Swarovski crystal as a thank you for joining us this year.







SDYC 2016 Commemorative Tote Bag

Get your limited addition 2016 Commemorative tote bag. The title this year is “For the Love of Yarn”. This sturdy tote is made out of 12 oz. canvas, and at 17.5″ x 20″ x 7″ it should be large enough to hold all your goodies during and after the crawl. The tote is only $10. Call your local shop to pre-order one and they will have it on hold for you.