Emy's Yarns - formerly Yarns at Border Leather (Chula Vista)

Who is Emy? - The Story of Emy's Yarns

Gloria’s mother, Emy, who had been knitting “for a century” as a hobby, decided one day that she wanted to sell yarns. 25 years ago, when Border Leather Corporation moved to the Broadway location, a small section of the warehouse was allocated for Emy to display and sell yarn. Her enthusiasm grew, and before long, the “hobby yarn shop” ordered a full UPS truckload of yarns. This was the beginning of a whole new focus. Everyone was happy to see Emy enjoying this new endeavor.

It didn’t take long for yarn supply companies to hear of the new yarn shop in Southern California. Yarn sales reps started showing up wanting to get their yarns in the shop. Emy consulted with Gloria on which yarns to buy. Both ladies bought thousands of skeins of yarn and surrounded themselves with many colors, textures, fibers, and accessories.

After Emy passed away, Gloria was honored to continue her mother’s tradition and couldn’t be prouder to watch the business grow into what it is today. Currently, we have wall-to-wall yarns and thousands of knitting and crochet accessories!

Gloria began hosting daily knitting and crocheting classes for customers. Word got around, and more and more people started to visit the store to enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere and build friendships. We are now the largest yarn store in the county.


Emy's Yarns
261 Broadway
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