Crawl Rules

The rules to participate in the San Diego Yarn Crawl are fairly simple.

A crawler must be 16 years of age or older to participate.

  1. Only 1 passport per crawler for the 4 day event.
  2. A Crawler must be present when her/his passport is stamped.
  3. Crawler must have at least 3 location stamps to qualify to win one of the Location Gift Baskets.
  4. Crawler must have stamps from all  locations to qualify to win the Grand Prize.
  5. Passports and prizes are non-transferable.
  6. Photo ID is required when claiming prizes.
  7. Prizes are forfeited if unclaimed by Sept. 1st of the following year. (For example, the 2023 prize is forfeited if unclaimed by Sept 1, 2024)
  8. The Grand prize, one $50 gift certificate from each venue.