Yarns at Border Leather – Chula Vista

Border Leather Corporation was born in Tijuana, Mexico in the early 60’s. The company began as a family business buying and selling handmade leather accessories in the local marketplace.

In 1983, Border Leather Corporation established its home in the United States. Today, run by Myer and Gloria, the Company is located in a 10,000 square-foot warehouse at 261 Broadway, Chula Vista, California, 91910.

Gloria’s mother Emilia, who had been knitting “for a century” as a hobby, decided one day that she wanted to sell yarns.  Some 15 years ago, when Border Leather Corporation moved to the Broadway location, they assigned a small location for her to sell yarns.  Grandma’s enthusiasm grew, and before long the “hobby yarn shop” ordered a full UPS truck load of Patons brand yarns.  This was the beginning of a whole new focus at Border Leather.  Everyone at Border Leather was happy to see Grandma playing in her new Toy Shop.

It didn’t take long for yarn supply companies to hear of the new yarn shop at Border Leather.  Yarn sales reps came flocking to Border Leather to sell their “new” yarns.  Emilia consulted with Gloria (who was also knitting and crocheting “for a century”) on which yarns to buy.  Both ladies bought thousands of skeins of yarns and surrounded themselves with many colors, textures, fibers, and accessories.  What a pleasure!

Sadly, Emilia passed away some years ago.  Gloria was honored to continue her mother’s tradition and couldn’t be more proud to watch the business grow into what it is today.  More and more and more yarns…  Over 40 thousand skeins in stock!

Gloria created the official name “YARNS AT BORDER LEATHER” and began to host daily free knitting and crocheting classes for the Yarns At Border Leather customers.  They now have two professional instructors who teach all levels of knitting.  Everyone is welcome to enjoy the friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Yarns At Border Leather is now the largest knitting shop south of Los Angeles.  It is stocked with a kaleidoscope of yarns and a spectacular inventory of accessories.  Be sure to check out their Addis collection as well.

Yarns At Border Leather is a vibrant and exciting knitter’s dream!

Email address is  yarns@borderleather.com  and our website is http://yarnsatborderleather.com  (notice the spelling of the word “at”).